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Need Pilot Truck Services?
We are available 24/7 to escort transportation and lowbed trucks.

Pilot Car Services for Trucking and Transportation in Prince George

Budd Enterprises provides pilot car services for various reasons, including heavy hauling, low-bedding, transportation and log hauling. Pilot vehicles are ahead of trucks on the road. The goal is to make truck drivers aware of traffic and accidents. Our pilot vehicle driver constantly communicates with the truck driver to avoid time constraints and road obstructions. If you are moving logs, excavation equipment or other heavy equipment in Prince George, Northern BC or surrounding areas, we recommend that you hire our pilot cars to ensure that your belongings reach safely. The pilot truck drivers have been trained to clear the route for the truck so that your cargo arrives on time at your desired destination.

We understand that you may have doubts about pilot vehicle services. Our team is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please contact us to discuss the items that need to be transported as well as the processes involved.

How Pilot Car Services Help on the Road?

Warn other road users of the approaching large load.

Make the truck driver informed of potholes and accidents on the route.


Clear the truck path so that transportation or haulage can arrive on schedule.


Ensure that there are no traffic delays on the road.


Ensure that the needs of truck drivers are satisfied when it comes to driving or turning.

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